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4 Simple Tips to Help Your Clear the Clutter As You Pack

Most of us are guilty of letting clutter accumulate but we can usually hide it by stealthily stowing things in cupboards and drawers. However, when we move house it all comes out in the open and you can find yourself overwhelmed by just how much stuff you have to pack.

As professional house removalists Perth, we’ve seen how overwhelmed our customers can get during the packing process with the amount of clutter that has built up. With that in mind, we’re sharing out top tips for decluttering as you go.

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1.  Give yourself plenty of time

If you leave you packing to the last minute, you won’t have any time to declutter as you’ll be too busy throwing everything into boxes. Start packing non-essential items well ahead of time as this allows you to work through your items at a leisurely pace and get the clutter out of the house well before moving day. Books, kids toys, ornaments and decorations, and rarely used kitchenware are all great places to start.

2.  Use the three pile system

Don’t make the process of decluttering more complicated than it needs to be. While sorting out different rooms, simply have three piles at the ready – one of packing, one for donating items you don’t need, and one for discarding items which aren’t able to be donated. This makes it easy to clear excess stuff as you have clear categories to make the job easier.

3.  Get rid of duplicate items

Often we don’t realise how many similar items we’ve accumulated over the years and the easiest way to see this is to look at all of your similar items together in one category before packing. For examples, if you’re ready to start packing linen, bring out all the towels you have lurking in various locations throughout the house and see exactly what you have. This allows you to thin out duplicate or worn out items and only keep the items you’ll use. This strategy works well for items such as glasses, toys, linen, DVDs and CDs.

4.  Consider your new house

Don’t just automatically transport everything to your new home – think about how you want your new space to look and get rid of items that simply don’t fit. For example, if you want a less cluttered kitchen at the new place then focus on thinning out your kitchen items. Often if you think about packing in terms of your new house, it can help motivate you to remove the clutter.

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