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Furniture Removals Perth: What Should You Do With Your Valuables?

Moving day is exciting – the house is packed up, the furniture removalists are ready to go and you’re ready to make your new house feel like home. However, many people get a little nervous about their valuable items. What if they get lost along the way? What if they break? Today, we’ll be sharing our top tips to give you peace of mind when it comes to moving your valuables.

Furniture RemovalsCreate a list and take photos

In the chaos of moving, it can be easy to forget about individual items and you don’t want to suddenly realise you don’t have a treasured piece of jewellery months down the track. Get prepared by writing down a list of valuable items, such as jewellery, wine, electrical items and artwork, so you can keep track of them. Take a few photos of your items as evidence if something does go missing and also track down receipts or other evidence you may need in the event of an insurance claim.

Pack with care and label carefully

For smaller valuable items which don’t need to go with the removalist, take care to pack them ahead of time with plenty of packing material. Invest in sturdy boxes and good quality bubble wrap and be sure to double tape the bottoms of boxes so nothing falls out. Label your valuables clearly and specify on the box if they’re fragile. For smaller items such as jewellery, carry them with you to the new house to avoid them getting lost in a larger box.

Get the right insurance

It’s important that you have your insurance in order before you move house, particularly if you have valuable items. Although many home and contents insurance policies will cover your goods during removals, always double check ahead of time for peace of mind and increase your cover if necessary. Also, make sure that your insurer is aware that you have valuable items, such as expensive jewellery, as these may need to be added to your policy separately.

Let your removalist know

If you have larger valuable items, such as large framed artwork or antique furniture, which will need to be taken by your removalist, make sure they’re aware of any possessions which need to be handled with particular care. Although your removalist will pride themselves on their ability to get your possessions to the other end unscathed, keeping them in the loop means they can add extra padding or be more careful with loading and unloading your treasured items.

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