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Top 5 Tips for Managing Your Perth Removals With Kids

Moving house is stressful enough but when you factor in kids, it can complicate things even more. However, managing your move with kids in tow can be made a whole lot easier with the right approach. We’re sharing our tips for ensuring that the lead up to the move and moving day itself runs as smoothly as possible for you and the kids.

Perth Removals With Kids

1. Get the kids involved with packing

If you find that the kids are getting in the way during the packing process, getting them involved is a great way to focus their energy and make them feel included. Put them in charge of packing some of their non-breakable item such as stuffed toys and have them decorate their boxes.

2. Make it exciting

Moving house can be a daunting prospect for kids and they be a bit resistant in the lead up to the move. Help get them excited about moving house by talking about things they’ll love in the new place, showing them pictures of the house and visiting the house a few times if possible. Buying new bed linen or decorations for their room can also go a long way to getting them excited.

3. Keep a box of special items

We all have grand plans to get everything unpacked on the day of the move but in reality, we’re often too exhausted! To help the kids settle in on their first night, even with the rest of the house in disarray, pack a box with their bed linen, special toys, night light or anything else that will help them feel secure.

4. Have food and activities for moving day

It’s all about keeping the kids occupied on moving day. Although older kids may want to get involved and help with the move, younger kids will usually get bored easily so have some simple activities, such as colouring books and pencils, at the ready. All kids get hungry so have plenty of snacks packed!

5. Get a babysitter on moving day

If possible, see if you can find someone to watch the kids for you on moving day. This is a particularly good idea if you have small children – moving house can be chaotic and stressful so getting them taken care of in a neutral environment can be your best bet.

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